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Now that BAILSCOOPUSA.COM is live, we can look forward to new and exciting things for the future. The bail bonding companies section is not quite complete. We will be working hard to complete that section in the next couple of months. In addition to the company listings, we have a data base in which bail bonding companies can post their bail jumpers. This section will allow bail bonding companies to post pictures and information about their bail jumpers, not only in their city but in any city they think their jumper may be located. Communication about bail jumpers between competitors may sound a bit strange but, it is ultimately good for all parties involved.

Stay tuned for more as we grow and make additions to BAILSCOOPUSA.COM. We hope you are as excited about this website as we are. Our intentions are to make BAILSCOOPUSA.COM the #1 bail bonding website on the web. Please help us do that by forwarding any comments you may have regarding what you would like to see us incorporate in BAILSCOOPUSA.COM.

Remember this website is run by people just like you and is designed for the benefit of everyone involved in the bail bonding industry. If you prefer to talk to us we can be reached at 850-628-0638. If we are busy and can’t answer the phone, we will call you back.

Many thanks,
Jerry and Peaches

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Terry McDowell

Last Seen: LaGrange Georgia

Chezarae Brawley

Last Seen: Columbus Georgia

Joshua Rhodes

Last Seen: columbus Georgia


BailScoopUSA was developed to produce a simple solution to what should be a simple but, obviously difficult task. We will also address a number of other issues to include but, not be limited to…

  • How do I approach a bondsman?
  • What do I say and most importantly what do I not say?
  • Who do I use to cosign the bond?
  • What is a bondsman looking for?
  • When, if ever do I need an attorney or lawyer.
  • Can a public defender represent me at the level of expertise I need?

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BailScoopUSA is being created by bondsman that are active in the industry to ensure that people can find and access a bail bondsman with as little effort as possible. We realize the internet is full of websites that are full of dead ends, misleading links and that generally lead you to everything except, what you are looking for. We were amazed to find that locating a bondsman was so difficult and confusing. We are not like the other sites.

Our Promise

BailScoopUSA is not a referral website, we will never refer you to anyone. We will merely present you with your options and let you decide who you want to do business with. As with the other sites, you call their 800 number and they act as the middle man and they choose who you do business with. They will have you to believe they can write bail bonds in all fifty states. The truth is, that no company can write bonds in all fifty states.

It is the desire of BailScoopUSA to give the consumer a straight forward, no nonsense way to find a bail bondsman. As active bondsmen ourselves, we know how daunting a task it can be to find a bondsman.

BailScoopUSA will be a website to come to be serious or simply a way to relieve stress from your daily lives from reading humorous antics from our fellow bondsmen and bondsladies.

BailScoopUSA will educate you about the process in a streamlined fashion so when the time comes or if it already has, you will know what to do and how to handle the task.

It is the desire of BailScoopUSA to become the premier website for anyone wanting to know anything about the bail bonding business without having to experience a lot of frustration and aggravation doing it.

You can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride.

The Truth About Bonding

Writing a bail bond is a state by state issue and in most states that authority is issued by the sheriff of each individual county. What these companies are doing is using a ploy called co-op bonding.    Co-op bonding is where one company, and it does not have to be a bonding company, contacts a bonding company in your desired location and works a deal with the bonding company to secure a bail bond on your behalf. They get paid to do that and you are the one that ultimately pays the bill in some form or fashion. It is not illegal but, why would you want a middle man, someone that you don’t know negotiating on your behalf and in vast majority of cases end up paying more than you should. These companies are not doing you a favor because they like you.

The Future of BailScoopUSA

BAILSCOOPUSA.COM will have a variety of areas to view. In the near future we will be adding:

  • Bail bonding stories
  • Bail enforcement stories
  • Mug shots
  • A forum

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A person can be arrested at any time for anything! You may not think that statement is true. Speaking with the voice of an experienced bondsman, believe me it is true. The truth of the matter is that we are all criminals in some sense of the word. The law books are full of laws that you never knew existed. The streets are full of police officers that don’t a have a full grasp of the law and how to apply it. If you have ever been in a law library then you know what I am talking about. You can never discount the fact that some police officers are out to make cases and will arrest someone even if the facts don’t warrant an arrest.

It is the view of many in the law enforcement community that if it is not cut and dry or black and white they will make the arrest and let the judge sort it out. There mere accusation by a citizen that he or she has been wronged is, in many cases enough for an arrest. I am not out to denigrate our law enforcement personnel in any way. I have the utmost respect for them. My point is that you don’t have to be a real criminal to need the services of a bail bondsman. We have a saying in the bail bonding community, which is, "you can beat the rap but, you can't beat the ride".

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About Bailscoop USA

Bailscoop USA is here to help you find the best suited bail bondsman in your locality. With the exception of the states that do not allow bail bonding, these states will surely have a bail bondsman for you.

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