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About Us

BAILSCOOPUSA, is being developed by myself with the assistance of my wife. We are your basic everyday couple with the desire to make things better and easier for us, people looking for information about bail bonding as well as other people involved in the bail bonding business. BAILSCOOPUSA.COM is being developed out of our own necessity as well as the needs of others. About us

One thing we have learned, is that it seems that everyone is interested, to some degree, what the bail bonding business is all about. Once people learn that we are involved in the bail bonding business, they always want to hear more. What people want to hear about most, is the people we deal with, especially the bounty hunting part. While there is no shortage of interesting bounty hunting stories to tell, there are always the sad stories. We will have a section devoted to our experiences. Other bondsman are welcome submit their stories as well.

We find ourselves acting in many different capacities. It seems our clients think that bail bondsman are experts in, parental counseling, marital counseling and just life counseling in general. People think we are attorneys, law enforcement and judges. My clients will call me just to talk, I guess they think I have some kind of calming or healing power, like I am sitting on top of a mountain top with my legs crossed waiting on their call.

My wife and I are from the deep south and have, we are told, deep southern accents. I had a somewhat elderly lady call me from New Hampshire awhile back to get her son out of jail. There wasn’t a lot I could do for her and declined to get him out of jail. The lady loved my accent so much that she called me once a week for the next two months, just so she could hear my voice. She would go so far as to call her friends and put them on three way so they could talk to me also. Eventually she quit calling, I guess she got used to my accent.

We are just ordinary folks just like you. We ride motorcycles, fly planes and travel, we go to Walmart, baseball and football games, we do all the things you do.  We just happen to find ourselves in the unique occupation of getting some people out of jail and putting some back.

Believe me, it is a unique and interesting job.

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