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Bail bondsmen are “NOT” stupid.

OK folks, let’s do this one more time. “BONDSMEN ARE NOT STUPID”.

Well, most of us aren’t.

Please give some thought to what you are going to say to a bondsman when you make that call.
I had a girl call me yesterday wanting to get her boyfriend out for driving with a suspended license. She called from an area code I knew to be from Florida. She said she was using her boyfriend’s phone which was from New Jersey and that’s why the area code was not local. Strike one. I asked her why he was in my town and she said they had met on Facebook and he came here to be with her. They had been Facebook friends for a few months. Strike two.

She told me her uncle would be signing for him and they were all local. The uncle called identified himself as her uncle and would sign for her boyfriend who was from New Jersey. Still no mention of Jacksonville Florida. I ultimately declined to do the bond.

Two hours later the “uncle” called back and identified himself with the same name as before and said he was from Jacksonville, Florida. Strike three. Only this time he wanted to get his nephew out of jail. Strike four. I asked him if wanted to get his niece’s boyfriend out of jail or his nephew out of jail. He was confused about what I was asking. I asked him who Tracy was and he said that was his wife. He then said “yeah it is strange, he was 48 and she was 18. He wanted to know why I asked. I told him that 2 hours ago she said she was his niece and wanted to get her Facebook boyfriend out of jail and when I talked to him he verified what she said. But, now, the kid is his nephew and the girl is his wife and they are from Jacksonville, Florida, not local. He admitted they had lied. Strike five. The only shred of truth appeared to be that the “nephew”, “Facebook boyfriend”, whatever, was from New Jersey. At this point, it really didn't matter where he was from.

To top all that off, he wanted to pay with a check. That’s when I got all excited. A liar was going to do me a favor and pay me with a check.

Again, I declined to do the bond. He seemed a bit shocked. After all they did end up telling the truth.

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