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Bail Tales

Job Application

I had a call from a human resources manager, call in reference to a person. I was somewhat confused as to why she would call me. I asked her what this was in reference to and she told me that the person she was calling about had […]

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Meth, please, not even the first time.

Please, not even the first time Highlight link, Right click, click, go to.

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Don’t put innocent people in jail.

There a process in place to ensure against things like this. USE IT. JURY AWARDS WOMAN $150,000 IN BONDING COMPANY LAWSUIT. BY TIM CHITWOOD A Muscogee jury this week awarded $150,000 to a 23-year-old woman who claimed a local bonding company falsely imprisoned her by taking her […]

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Bail bondsmen are “NOT” stupid.

OK folks, let’s do this one more time. “BONDSMEN ARE NOT STUPID”. Well, most of us aren’t. Please give some thought to what you are going to say to a bondsman when you make that call. I had a girl call me yesterday wanting to get her […]

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Brother or cousin.

I guess people think bondsman are stupid. I just had a girl call me wanting to get her “COUSIN” Gary Johnson (all names changed to protect the really stupid) out of jail. She said her name was Sheila “WATSON”. The same girl called back not even 2 […]

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Please open the door.

When we show up at your house and kindly ask you to open the door, it would be nice if you did. One thing to remember, we have the keys to your house. We keep them in our shoes. Lock……….$20.00 Door……….$150.00 Labor……..$200.00 The big eyes and oh […]

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Happy New Year

Wow, where did 2014 go, only 13 and half hours left. I hope everyone had a great year. Our year was without question, the most challenging year to date. Our biggest challenge has been building our website, I am amazed at what we have had to […]

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Never rob a gun shop.

These guys are going to need bail. Who ever said, “I’m going to rob a gun store today, that seems like a good idea”? I’m going with almost nobody. Just after 9a.m. Saturday morning (December 6th), two men in hoodies entered C & S Gun and Pawn […]

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A vibrator has to be cheaper than bail. Unless it was one of those super duper models with the small chainsaw engine, those can run hundreds.

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Cheese sticks

Buyers beware. I just bailed a girl out of jail for eating mozzarella cheese sticks in Walmart. This girl told me she picked up a package of mozzarella cheese sticks and ate them as she shopped. When she went to the cash register she presented the empty […]

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