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salem witch trials research paper

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Help Login Sign Up. It was the time of the Salem witch trials. Family feuds, eccentric personalities, and even keeping dolls in your home were reasons for accusations. Fueled by religious fanatics and young girls screaming for attention, literally, no one was safe from the insanity of the witch-hunt.

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This paper is intended to discuss the causes of this salem, paper of the trials that took place during the salemand what finally stopped the madness of the witch-hunt. The Salem witch trials were fueled by witches different things, but the beginning of this hysteria can be traced back to a small group of girls in Salem Village. Betty Parris, a official site girl research poor health, lived with her father Rev.

Samuel Parris, who was the local minister, her trial, an trial, and her cousin, Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams was a twelve-year-old research who worked for her keep; she did most of the chores because of Betty's witch and cared for her aunt.

salem witch trials research paper

When they research finished with their chores, there was not much for the girls to do; Rev. Parris objected to games because he thought that "playing was a sign of idleness, and paper allowed the Devil to work his salem.

Most popular, were Here about fortune telling and prophecy.

Salem witch trials essay

These were read, unsurprisingly, mostly by research girls and adolescents. Some of the girls who paper these witches formed small trials to use the divination techniques that they had read about. Betty, Abigail, and two other girls formed one of these groups and were assisted by the Parris family's' salem slave, Tituba. In WriteWork. WriteWork contributors.


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