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Happy New Year

Wow, where did 2014 go, only 13 and half hours left.

I hope everyone had a great year.

Our year was without question, the most challenging year to date. Our biggest challenge has been building our website, I am amazed at what we have had to face. I now know, why there is no website like it in existence. We have spent many thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours of time building this website. The end is in sight and with the expertise of Lucas and crew at, we should be complete in the next couple of months. The website will never quit growing and getting better.

If I had known the trials and tribulations of taking on such a monstrous project, I probably, would have never started it. I have a friend who is a major player in the bail bonding industry tell me that he attempted to build a website similar in scope several years ago. He said he worked on it for several months and when he became aware of what it was going to cost and how much time it was going to take, he threw it in the trash can. We have come too far to turn back now. I can’t say I blame him though.

We have learned an incredible amount of knowledge this year. I thought, you just paid somebody to build it, sit back and reap the benefits. WRONG, on so many levels. The knowledge necessary to run a website like, is overwhelming. We knew nothing of how SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and the list goes on, effect the success of a website. We do now and we are only beginning.

As tough as this has been, we will survive and will be THE #1 Bail bonding website on the internet.

I would especially like to thank Peaches for her efforts.

Hopefully, in the next few years, I will be writing this while aboard the S/Y Bounty Hunter ret., while sipping an adult beverage listening to Jimmy Buffet from the BVI’s. Until then we have a lot of work to do.

With the support of friends and family, 2015 will be a great year.

We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year,
Jerry and Peaches

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